Jan. 15th, 2016

Day 15

Jan. 15th, 2016 10:47 am
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[sorry, again, people whom I owe replies - it\s really sucky of me - I AM sorry.... it just requires emotional capacity I just don't reahave right now....I treasure your comments and posts, but I am sorry I can't always reply ....really ]

Fandom Snowflake Challenge banner

This was wonderful and unexpectedly amazing.

I've enjoyed it a lot! Very much.....
Got to meet some new people, which is just so wonderful, for me! New friends (and old friends) - you seem so lovely, I really hope to get to know you better and get closer, you awesome beings~

On that note - if you've been reading and want to say hi, please do!

I started using DreamWidth for real (or, at least, it feels real, IDK how it's going to go - do things get really quiet again when there is not a challenge going on?)

I got some amazing gifts, which I did NOT expect!!!!
[personal profile] delacourtings made this friggin gorgeous banner for a group podfic I'd participated in, that I just - THANK YOU!!!!

And the frigging lovely [personal profile] kate, whom I've ha the true pleasure of getting to know better since, wrote me this glorious Winchester fic, just for the specific trope I crave - because she is just awesome!

Mods - I just adore being modded by you! The thoughtful things like pointing out it's ok not to post, or "if you're comfortable doing that", and the effort you make in commenting on every post, makes such a difference! Your encouragement and acceptance really made me feel so much safer and more joyous - THANK YOU SO SO MUCH FOR THIS CHALLENGE!


For me, it's been a very rugh week, and while this is not an unusual thing for me - unfortunately - they definitely stay rough....
this helped a lot, even if I didn't/couldn't always comment or post - it helped a lot-thank you all!

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