Nov. 10th, 2013

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So, I've been starting to wonder whether perhaps I was falling out of love with Dean and Sam. A lot of the fic I've read lately didn't move me as much, not to mention the show (yeah, that was me being less moved that before). Used to be I'd find myself reacting so strongly to their love, I sometimes had to stop and breathe, or gasp or whimper or yell at the screen - and lately, not really. Thought it may have been cause I'm m really exhausted these days, or because Show is and I'm feeling it - or perhaps just because it was a wonderful thing and now it's starting to end. Which I really hope is not what's going on.

If [ profile] chomaisky's art is an indication, it sure isn't what I feel for the boys.

This art gave me so many feels, I can't - it's so beautiful and full of passion, need, angst - those are my boys! <3
Love it.
Go look.
It's beautiful.
Seriously NSFW.


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