Jul. 20th, 2013

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Seems like most fic gives the Js the benefit of the doubt, and assumes they're just a bit more normative that they probably are. I mean - they have those sides, for sure, but not only. I suppose it has to do with wanting to make sure it's believable, and public image and that. Not that this is all that wild, but it's nice to sometimes be reminded they're not as clean cut and well behaved all the time.
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Someone in your feed probably already posted the first look at the Veronica Mars movie (eeee! But I'm not watching that, no spoilers, please :)) So I thought I'd post this, cause I hadn't seen it before and it's so sweet. Never liked any of his characters, but he's very likable here.

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Rewatched part of Bloodlust. In it, Dean says he "embraced the life" at 16.

I wonder what Dean was like before the hunt that changed his attitude toward hunting. Did he have doubts but didn't share them? Didn't want to do it but stayed quiet? Did John take him on the hunt that changed his mind because he noticed something?

Perhaps Dean wasn't always the good kid, perhaps he ever said no to John, yelled at him? Perhaps it wasn't just Sammy? Perhaps Sam was too young to be as confrontational and rebellious as later, perhaps he was the good kid for a while.

Anyhow, quote. )


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