Jun. 2nd, 2013

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So, according to this report, at AHBL, this happened:

Girl: If you had to sell your soul for something, what would that thing be?
Matt: Just one - just one fanfic where I dominate Misha instead of Misha dominating me.

Now, I really like Matt. He's such a friend to fandom and to queer people. And when people ask for porn about themselves, they should get it. I don't generally write Matt and Misha, but I am dearly fond of them both. So here goes. Oh, I don't ask of Matt's soul, I ask that he keeps it. All I want in return is for him to keep talking about how hot he finds Jen to keep being an awesome person and friendly to queer folk.

Title: Just One Fanfic
Pairing: Matt/Misha
Rating: R?
Warnings: BDSM, unbetaed
Summary: It takes Misha time to be able to let go. In other words - completely plotless porn.
Note: I kinda wish someone would write fic about Misha writing fic for Matt. I shoulda thought of that while I was still writing.

Misha's eyes widened, then softened. The tiny muscles around them flickered and twitched with every sensation, his mouth slowly falling open, as his breaths got deeper, raspier.

Matt brushed a knuckle over Misha's ribs, so gentle he was barely touching )


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