Feb. 22nd, 2013

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1. Come to think about it, for all Wincest has an out there, hard core, bitter reputation, it's way fluffier than a lot of other ships I've followed. The boys can mostly trust each other, haven't done truly horrible things to one another, that I can think of. Pretty much. Not things like other pairings that are considered less disturbing. Like killing the other person's father, or making the other fall in love with him in order to break his heart - and bones - for revenge (canon).

2. I've written maybe 2000 words of meta about SPN 814. Whenever I try to edit it, I squee and shout and explode with emotion, hand waving and frustration with not being able to get it out. I've written two songs about it, trying to find other ways. Pieces of fic. I can't. I just can't. It's so. ! :-)
But I want to. Might manage to actually finish writing it at some point, though I suspect no one's going to bother to read it by then.

3. I want a new rec/header category, clarifying whether it's "awesome if you like that sort of thing", or "read it even if you don't like that sort of thing".
It's often not even about quality, it's sometimes just about what the author was going for.
Of instance - I love brotherly banter and friction between Sam and Dean, sprinkled on my schmoop. If an author gives me that, it might make me really happy. If that sort of thing just didn't do it for me, it might leave me bored, or sad. But then, sometimes it's written differently. Like - I don't often like serious issues of consent in my fic, particularly in SPN. But then, I've read stories in which those issues existed and were addressed, which, to me, was fascinating and beautiful. And from the other direction - had I liked the actual power play, like I might enjoy in other ships, I might not have enjoyed stopping to address it. Another thing is that sometimes a story makes a case for a pairing or kink very convincingly, while other stories don't bother with that, they are written for people who already like it.


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