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Text: What if, rather than interpreting literature that was written long ago against some imagined concept of what life was like back then, it were possible to
feed a book a drop of blood, and for a moment, the book will be refleshed and speak on its own terms?
Me: Cool! Creepy, but cool!
Text: The only true way to do that is Marxism


Text: I know what you're thinking!
Me: Is it that my tongue hurts from when I bit it?
Text: You think I suggest this method as merely supplementary rather than the absolute horizon of all readings and all interpretations!
Text: RAWR!


Text: You know, like Tiresias!
Me: Who? Am I supposed to know this person?
Text: Tiresias! With the blood drinking !
Wiki: Tiresias was a prophet of Apollo in Thebes, famous for clairvoyance and for being transformed into a woman for seven years
Me: Like Dean

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I'd really love an online space to talk with other people reading academic texts, studying or doing research. A place to discuss texts, maybe give each other feedback or recommend relevant papers, to share whining and successes if we feel like it. To be less isolated. Research is hard. Writing is hard. To be more connected with things going on in the field(s). I'm working on my thesis, and most interested in fields that have to do with social change, but that's definitely not a must for others.

Would anyone be interested in starting that sort of group for ourselves?

Or can anyone point me in the direction of a group like that, if it already exists?

ETA: If not, and you're willing to share this anyway, it could be really great!
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I went to an academic thing, mostly just to be around people, and my favorite professor as well as some other people told me that it doesn't matter how passionate or good you are, doesn't matter in my case that I'm hopefully gonna graduate summa cum laude or that my research is appreciated, or that when I give lectures people come from other cities to participate and for years I've had full houses (not that I get paid) - there are literally no jobs about to open in years. I was told that doing a PHD is more just for the joy of the experience, and the head of the department seriously suggested opening a window cleaning business like some person she knows. My favorite professor was less horrible and said that that's the reason she sitched to studying law, but I seriously cannot see myself getting through that, I hate that field, and I don't feel I can deal with the atmosphere in that department.

So hey, any suggestions of a field for me, in which there might actually be any academic teaching positions ever, for a driven abnormal person?
I'm serious.

You know me a little. I need it o be something I can be passionate about if I can be good at it.
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Haven't posted in a couple of days, I have some real life updates but don't feel like writing them up now. So some of the smaller things.

~One of the friends who used to make faces at me for loving Wincest finally got back to watching SPN (she is towards the end of season 1), and came back with "there was one scene in which I was just sure they were going to kiss. I get it now. It was so intimate and beautiful" :D
Not that she's a shipper now, but aww.

~Cherry flavored beer is disgusting. OTOH, I am told, it's alcoholic. And not as disgusting as banana or coconut flavored beer.

~Wrote a short assignment about Melville's I and My Chimney. Main issue was trying to find ways to describe blowjobs and m/m anal sex in simple, accessible, yet academically dignified language. Had to resist the urge to write the entire paper in puns.

~I have the flu, and everything smells like cake. Cruel and unusual, as now I want cake. Oh well, there are worst things to crave as fic taught us.

~The subject of bachelorhood came up in class, with Watson as an example. Which led me to research Watson's marriages a bit - turns out there are theories making a case for any number of marriages between 1-6!

~Embarrassingly said in class I was pretty sure the Holmes stories were published 30 years before Dorian Gray, and lost credibility for the whole marriage thing. I *am* pretty sure I read that, cause I was really disappointed it was so long apart. OTOH, glad that's not the case.

~Running for student government. It turns out. I should probably put a stop to it. Remember that scene from Gilmore Girls in which Jackson is elected? ;)
*hums Walking on Air*

~Apparently, my main settings when it comes to GF being sad: "wanna talk about it?", "it'll be all right", "you're right, it's hard", acting normal, going insane or making soup. GF doesn't want to talk, doesn't want me to act normal, and doesn't want soup.

~Luckily, there is podfic.
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Today at Spanish class, the head of the Language Department taught us how to conjugate the Spanish word for "fucking". While getting a little flustered and giggly.

In other news, I have an opportunity to participate in a drag performance, something I've been wanting and afraid of for a long time now. It's a Russian-themed performance, and thought I'm part-Russian, I haven't really thought of that very much, just started realizing how much it affected my life... I wonder whether it's even my place to participate, not sure what I have to say, and on the other hand I feel strongly enough about it to not want to give it up, this history of mine, my dad, some of the things there and a chance to express that if I can find a way on time. In short, looking for a song I can connect to that has something to do with Russia/Soviet Union, or perhaps with feeling this disconnect.


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