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So, I read this fic in which grown-up Sam and Dean were having a conflict. It was simmering underneath everything, Dean wasn't completely sure whether Sam realized what Dean had done to him, whether he was angry, and things were maybe great between them but maybe really not, maybe it was all a front, and then Sam turned around and KEYED THE IMPALA! And I was like - holy shit! Mind blown! I've never read that in any fic ever! That is quite the sign that Sam is beyond - I've seen him almost kill Dean, but never something like that! What an amazing thing to write, especially in present-day fic rather than when the Impala was such a huge oh she meant Sam put the key in the door to open it.

Another one is a fic rec I just looked at on Tumblr. I'd listen to that one, probably )
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1) You know the Winchester "we're all we got" thing? Now that they have more of a community, they have option, I'd like some "I have options, and I choose you cause I want to" moments in canon and in fic.

2) I keep going back to this plot I just want to see: things are more or less ok for the boys, they're settled in their bunker, they're working together and being pretty much honest with each other etc - and one day, in the middle of a hunt, or they come home to find in their sitting area - John Winchester.
And they have to sort of rediscover who they are - how they changed and didn't change, how they feel about him and about each other's relationship with him now, where he'd be proud of them and where he really wouldn't, how much of it they'll talk about - and whether they still even speak the same language, communicate in the same ways - and what they'd hide from him, or refuse to hide from him, how he'll react to it if he finds out etc.
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You know, I learn so much from slash about sex, and related issues. It's really great. It seriously improved my life, and sent me exploring such wonderful and interesting places. I love it. It should be taken with a grain of salt, of course, but still, plenty of good information and ideas there.

But I wish there were more fic about people who have less normative bodies. Trans bodies, all sorts of crip bodies. Fat bodies, preferably not only as a "fat can be pretty too" message, though that's a good one as well, and I have written that sort of fic myself, too.

Wish there were fic out there, enough fic for me to feel I really did know what I was doing, about things like the way hormones influence sensitivity, prostates, the way people experience desire. Fic that touches on using your weight, if you have it, your crutches, if you have them, and so forth.

I'd like to think about that as run of the mill, the way I think about things that are more common in fic.

It just struck me how *much* I know about cis-able-thin bodies from fic, and how unbelievably little I got to learn about all the different sorts of bodies - the bodies of most people in my life I have and want sex with.

Kinda feel like starting a comment meme for that, but I've never done that, and I hardly know anybody in fandom. Does anybody else wanna host something like that?

As for why it's not more widely written - I know part of the reason it isn't there is that some people don't want to write about something they don't know themselves, and I agree, that's problematic. But it's not as if we don't research sex for fic, or only write about our own experiences. And part of it is because the bodies we get to see in canon are so very normative, almost all the time. But fandom has been changing that, in so many wonderful ways.
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So, Craig Ferguson and Jeffrey Dean Morgan have awesome chemistry, and keep flirting, talking about masturbation, each other's balls, snuggling up at night with a phallic mug to watch the show. They played out a scene in which Craig was JDM's love interest, a bear. JDM claimed he grew a beard for Craig, Craig got him say he wears jewelery in order to try to catch Craig's eye. Some caps, not the best quality, but hopefully fun.

Talking masturbation

some more slashiness )
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Rewatched part of Bloodlust. In it, Dean says he "embraced the life" at 16.

I wonder what Dean was like before the hunt that changed his attitude toward hunting. Did he have doubts but didn't share them? Didn't want to do it but stayed quiet? Did John take him on the hunt that changed his mind because he noticed something?

Perhaps Dean wasn't always the good kid, perhaps he ever said no to John, yelled at him? Perhaps it wasn't just Sammy? Perhaps Sam was too young to be as confrontational and rebellious as later, perhaps he was the good kid for a while.

Anyhow, quote. )
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Seems like most fic gives the Js the benefit of the doubt, and assumes they're just a bit more normative that they probably are. I mean - they have those sides, for sure, but not only. I suppose it has to do with wanting to make sure it's believable, and public image and that. Not that this is all that wild, but it's nice to sometimes be reminded they're not as clean cut and well behaved all the time.
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ETA: Unrelated, but fun. [ profile] annie_46fic wrote a fill for my prompt. It's sweet and touching, and the best explanation I've read so far for the mood whiplash of 811. In it, Jared and Sam switch bodies during the filming of season 8, and there's some discussion of motivation, some hurt and some comfort.

[this is a little spoilery for the first two seasons. Please don't spoil further, haven't watched yet]
So slashy )

First of all - I rec. Go watch!

Second - where is all the fic?! That's as slashy as it gets, and one single fic on AO3?

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If I'm going to read an AU, can I have Jared and Jensen as Suffragettes? :)
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There's this rare trope that I like: Someone's girlfriend meets that person's ex/lover, and rather than hating each other, like the stereotype of catty women demands, they bond. Cause for all their differences, they do have a lot in common. And cause they know his annoying traits, and can exchange notes. Stuff like that.

That is sometimes the way I feel when I read Destiel.

-Years of denial, and then he doesn't want to talk about it. For a guy who cries a lot, it's impossible to get him to talk about his feelings.
-I know And I didn't realize your boy was a virgin too, his first time with Dean.
-Yeah, perhaps he has a thing for that.
-Sure, he has a thing for most everything else...
-The Impala, guns, killing zombies, panties, smoking,
-threesomes with Lindsay Lohan, magic fingers, topping, bottoming,
-anything but cock.
-which he never liked before and will never like again, let it go, Jeez.
*both laugh and clink glasses*

Unrelated, cause gotta have something silly to bring the tone down: hm. Just realized the new baby's called JJ. J2. Slashers, rejoice.
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So, according to this report, at AHBL, this happened:

Girl: If you had to sell your soul for something, what would that thing be?
Matt: Just one - just one fanfic where I dominate Misha instead of Misha dominating me.

Now, I really like Matt. He's such a friend to fandom and to queer people. And when people ask for porn about themselves, they should get it. I don't generally write Matt and Misha, but I am dearly fond of them both. So here goes. Oh, I don't ask of Matt's soul, I ask that he keeps it. All I want in return is for him to keep talking about how hot he finds Jen to keep being an awesome person and friendly to queer folk.

Title: Just One Fanfic
Pairing: Matt/Misha
Rating: R?
Warnings: BDSM, unbetaed
Summary: It takes Misha time to be able to let go. In other words - completely plotless porn.
Note: I kinda wish someone would write fic about Misha writing fic for Matt. I shoulda thought of that while I was still writing.

Misha's eyes widened, then softened. The tiny muscles around them flickered and twitched with every sensation, his mouth slowly falling open, as his breaths got deeper, raspier.

Matt brushed a knuckle over Misha's ribs, so gentle he was barely touching )

I want fic

Jun. 1st, 2013 08:13 pm
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Where's the fic in which Dean gets together with Adam, and Sam has to deal with Dean getting over the gay thing and the incest thing, just choosing somebody else? Or the other way around, Sam and Adam get together and Dean deals with it.
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I'm half asleep and trying to answer deep, thoughtful messages. So instead of managing to answer in a way that shows my appreciation, I fly off on tangents and come up with weird fic bunnies.

Spoilers for BtVS and SPN, 6th seasons )

Anyway - yay, a new SPN episode coming up! I have so been waiting!

ETA: My waiter today was pretty tall, muscular, and had long flippy hair. Could almost have been a front row seat for an OOC coffee shop AU J2 story.
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So, in this interview, Matt Cohen said some nice things about Jeffrey Dean Morgan.
"Kinda certain naive, you know, rugged ability to just, you know, grin".
"You try to fall in love with the guy".
"Jeffrey Dean Morgan, you're so handsome! Hurts! Ow".
Now I want Matt Cohen/JDM, or a time traveling John with himself (very elaborate masturbation ;)).

Seriously, though - he is such a sweetheart, I love his sincerity and respect for the fans, and for his art.
I love that he talks about wanting to know JDMs process, I really identify with that.

ETA: Ah! How did I not know about this?!
"Jensen has the most sexy voice, and accompanying the lips, it makes it awkward for another man [...] you look him in the eyes, you're definitely gay for a couple of moments".
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"Why we oppose votes for men", delightfully snarky thing from 1915. (From the book Are Women People? by Alice Duer Miller)

Also, this is nice both from the activism angle and cause, well, if Sam ever needed it... I like the idea of BornFemale!Sam. Though I have to say, SPN is pretty much the single fandom in which I don't go for trans stories.
Stanford offers student sex reassignment surgery coverage.


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