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On the December Days challenge, [ profile] glovered wrote: Which of Sam's shirts is your favorite, and why? Option to also list the most horrifying by whatever standard you deem fit. (I JUST LOVE SAMS GREAT/TERRIBLE FASHION SENSE)

I'll admit it, I like Sam's shirts. Been trying to get myself the plaid type ones before the current trend, I like that sort of - I guess masculinity reference. I must admit also, though, that I am really fond of Sam Winchester himself, and had to make an effort to separate his shirts from the cuteness and Sam of the rest of him.

I hadn't noticed The Dog Shirt

till [ profile] kalliel pointed it out - but now I like it! We had some theory going about the shirt surviving for so long because the dog was a real hell-hound and would secretly help save Sam or the boys from monsters, protecting their shirt/home - I don't remember, it was longer.

I'm fond of the v-necks

it was a pity, watching this one go

Sam felt my fanpain too

This is the second Sam shirt I happened to mention here strongly influenced by hell hounds. Perhaps they are the ones doing wardrobe for the show? I mean, who could forget these fashion forward spring cutouts?

Of course, then there is this one...
thank you for this one...

I mean, this one

There was on unexpected excursion into glam rock

a clear Velvet Goldmine reference

Then comes one of my favorite outfits of Sam's

(seriously - it's gorgeous, even just [ profile] badbastion's work with light is just gorgeous - if you haven't, look at it! But not in unfriendly pornless spaces)

Probably my favorite of all of Sam's shirts is his hoodie -it is very Sam, a certain kind of Sam... - probably the one from Jared's audition:

That was one good audition!

There aren't really any I hate...

clearly the crosses are intended to ward off vampires.
+ I want Sam to get dressed in more silly things!
It's not like Jared can't do comedy....
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If Sam hurt his elbow in an embarrassing way, that involved Cas but was not Cas' fault exactly, and that involved a demon, clearly Castiel was all toppy BAMF and glorious manhandling a demon, and Sam was just so turned on he jacked off for hours, resulting in injury. OK, injuries.
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SMG: "What do u think?? I could take them right!?! "

Probly, yeah. They're not great on women, and you're Buffy. I mean, you're gonna kick Dean's ass, you always win against people who call women names ,always, always. Just don't sleep with Sam.
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Title: Back For Good
Relationship: John/Sam/Dean
Words: 400
Rating: I never know these things – very soft R? Most is implied.
Note: After Dead Man's Blood, there was a brief moment where it was like they were on more equal ground, like the three of them could be respectful and appreciative and just good together.
This is - not even experimental, it's just - it's - I had a crappy day and I wanted to bring this something else into the world, not sure what.

Summary: John always knows what to do.
Read more... )
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What if Dean's not telling Sam (he perhaps could have convinced him to do things Dean's way, he often does, like in Sacrifice), and not telling Cas, even, even though Cas was likely to be understanding - what if it's partially because Dean doesn't feel he deserves to have a happy ending?

I've been uncomfortable about about how the Batcave was too much to give the boys and still expect the series premise to remain stable and the boys to remain stable. Perhaps, being given something that big, the same way Sam retreated into himself and didn't quite take it (room etc), perhaps Dean needed it to be less good in order to be able to - IDK, exist in it?

He always said he wasn't gonna ever get an ending like that - gonna die young and that. And then he accepted it really well, enjoying it all - perhaps that was only while he didn't expect it to last? And as soon as he realized they did live there, and he had Sam, and they had a way in which Sam could perhaps enjoy the life while also not giving up his scholarly tendencies, and Cas was around, and even Kevin and Charlie were there a bit - family(ish) - perhaps that was simply too much - too foreign? And trouble, and having to worry about Sam and the supernatural, and even being horrible guilty - were at least something he knew how to deal with?

Probably, had he lost Sam, it would have been a whole lot like being with Lisa - and he couldn't go through that again... but still, he could have made it less of a problem, I believe.

And an unrelated Wincesty quote from 910 )
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Title: It's Like Motel Rooms
Fandom: Supernatural
Relationship: Sam and Gadriel
Rating: Gen
Spoilers: 909
Words: 550
Disclaimer: This is fan fiction.

Summary: Gadriel has some things in common with Sam.

Like motel rooms. )
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"thousands of superpowered dicks touching down, and we got no idea where to start"

Where's my slightly inappropriate, possibly sexist or homophobic or incredibly slashy Dean response ? Are we done with those? :/
Or just:

You're gonna need a bigger mouth.

(ok, now I feel dirty)
(gifs not by me, linking back to where I found them)
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One year ago today, I got into Supernatural. And I was planning on doing a thing, but it turns out the whole fandom has a Supernatural birthday today too! :D
It's kinda awesome that SPN shares my SPN anniversary (ok, the other way around). The only likely conclusion is that some fans cast a spell last year, to bring new fans into the fandom, and I'm one of them. Thank you for not making me fall in love with a donkey, you guys!

So maybe I'll do a thing in the near future, today wanna tell my "getting into SPN" story :)

I was really into Sherlock, and going crazy over the lack of new episodes. And there was this show I was told was not a shallow misogynistic icky one, though it seemed to be. I'd tried watching a few episodes*, but it just didn't really catch me. But I had nothing to watch, so I gave it yet another shot, deciding to disregard the spoiler problem and start from season 4. After School Special. And then I stayed for anther ep, and another, watched five or so that night.

And I thought - this is great! It'll be like methadone, get me over the Sherlock cravings, and it's safe, it's not anything I'm gonna fall in love with!

Happy birthday, Supernatural, show and fandom, I love you )
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I'd been saying I need a first time Sam/Dean for every time they didn't kiss, every time they looked at each other in one o those ways, every time I was somehow surprised when a scene ended with the subtext still only subtexty.

Today I was listening to fic, Dean angsting about Sam being his brother, and found myself thinking "Sheesh, dude, we know. Get over it". Perhaps I'm getting closer to closing that initial quota :-)


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