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I just realized something!

I was watching Jane the Virgin - there was a bit of character trivia added a few eps ago a character's alarm clock ) - and I kept telling myself - no way, can't be sure it was only introduced then - could be from way way back! And I kept telling myself - how way back, this is a newish show! But then I kept feeling that I couldn't know no way no way etc - and sure could be wrong - bt this is probably because

I'm a frigging SPN fun
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sprinkle me and yell Diagon Alley, I have so much flu....

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she is awesome
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I never managed to get into I never managed to get into it, but tried a lot - and was left curious as to what actually happened .... would somebody tell me? Particularly season 1? I really can't say!
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SPN is back and a soft smell of rain just blew in
I'm all right

...and having written this I realize it in a (western appropriate version of a) heiku
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Onooooooo , it's speak Russian to your followers day....
I suck at languages so bad....

Дин и Сэм в любви
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[warning of D/s practices used unsafely]

Sam found this out with Dean, when he was 23: the big fantasy of D/s is that after it's done, you can return to normal,
rather than to the fucked up state you came from.
This is why he does it with Ruby,
the pain of it not working.


Dec. 14th, 2014 01:04 pm
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Beard Baubles, apparently. I want bells. Also, some for Sam's hair.

Miss you fandom, come back from holiday-ing quickly...
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Ahh, Show!

Watched most of the special (managed to avoid all spoilers - yay!!!) - and yelled and flailed so much!
Oh, Shooooow... mrrrrrrrrr....
Show <3
I love you show much.
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We write so much dub-con - is there any fic out there at all about anybody dealing with any form of domestic abuse - not as part of a story about a better relationship coming along? As a personal thing ?
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Do you know those "woke up gay" fics? Like The Day Harry Potter Woke Up Gay?
And then The Day Everyone at Hogwarts Woke Up Gay?

How about "woke up feminist"? What would that be like ?
Witches are always cursing Dean and Jensen with stuff that's supposed to make them Dean nice r to women, I guess. this one I haven't seen done.

On a different note, porn.
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This is terrifying, gorgeous and appealing.

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I miss you people, don't have a lot to post - rough week, way too much boring paper writing (I'm not used to it being boring!), entire days on a bench, handwriting papers, in the stingy, sexual-harassy, way too hot park, cause the library's closed and I have nowhere to work. Ugh.

Anyway - I miss you people!
So, pointless question time!
Um, if you could change one thing in canon - not quality or such, change one element within canon, what would it be?

Or just, you know - how are you? {hugs}
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It's a " commercial" for OTP matchmaking service.
On one hand, I don't like it when people outside of fandom write/create about fandom, specially as funny.
On the other hand -this *is* cute, and has some great Sherlock/John cosplay.!bEIM88

... 'good penis'.
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There's a contest for drawing muscular, leather loving gay men.
Might be of interest to some of the amazing artists around here.
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Why are melons known for their wonderful wedding planning?
Because they cantaloupe.

Yeah, that made me laugh :)


May. 28th, 2014 05:02 pm
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Wow, this is perfect. "Fernanda Abarca Cakes: Toothless ~ How to Train Your Dragon 2 cupcakes with edible fondant sculptures for DreamWorks Animation
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- OMG, I got an amazing bunch of caring, interesting, thoughtful comments. You guys... it means so much to me <3

- In mystery/whodoneit AUs, it's always gonna be Tom Welling or Jessica Alba, huh?
"Is it gonna be James Marsters this time? He's really creepy... Nah, no way it's Spike. Everybody loves Spike, not betting on that".

-Youtube started offering me Dean/Cas vids. I need to take a long, hard look at my life.

- Everyone always talks about Jensen's boyband years. But with this haircut, and good boy smile - I give you Jared, the boyband years. Or, as I'd rather think of them - Sam's boy band years.

I shouldn't like this. But I do. Happy people and drag.  )


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