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[ profile] kalliel[Bad username or site: @]! Remember the whole discussion about Jared somehow always being to Jensen's right? Or was that Dean/Sam?
There's new evidence!
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Just these two - Winchsters, and J2:

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Title: Missing My Brother, Jared
Ships: J2, Jared/Gen, others, however you understand it
Rating: PG
Notes: for[ profile] ash48 on the Jared and Sam comment meme - where you should totally come leave promptts or fill some!

Summary: Jensen comes home to Jared

It wasn't a complete surprise when Jared heard the front door gently open. Because whatever he was going through, Jared was a dreamer. Also, because Jensen had called him twice an hour during the last couple of days. )
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Without the ending

Hippie Jared/patriotic Southern boy Jensen

or is that not so much an Au (is this already something someo ne wrote?)

Jared and his cuddly free love friends try to go riding in the park, fall off  the horse, Jensen catches the horse (or Jared, or both)   

Jared introduces Jensen to drugs for the first time

maybe not so much to orgies.  Maybe yeah so much.


NO ONE gets drafted  

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Just based on the Js' expressions when they try to smile after shooting, my money's on the season ending so horribly - possibly Dean actually killing Sam this time. I'd say - Sam doing it so Dean doesn't - but I'm more convinced that that mention of Lucifer wasn't accidental, as Sam's self sacrifice and darkness goes.

Something truly horrinble.

*makes sandwich board urging passers by to stock up on fluff *
[IDK anything concrete, so please no spoilers ]
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I'm feeling kinda down, so it's time for a silly question.

As you probably know, Osric's had this thing going, where he commissions cosplay outfits from fans.
If one of the Js did that too, and had a good attitude about it, but was still himself what outfit would you offer?

Fabulous Loki!Osric for inspiration


Sorry to all the people I haven't replied to, working up the energy
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I have lost the ability to can <3

Wow, oh <3
This is probably my favorite episode of the season.

Most of the Sam/Dean, Jared/Jensen stuff was sadly spoiled in advance, but oh, wow, Misha!

The fondness and tenderness in Misha's voice when Dean/Jensen tells him he needs him is a clearer "I love you" than when he actually says it. And the whole "I know you didn't say it, but you wanted to", Holy shit, Misssssssssha!11111111111
New ship, you guys <3

I just want to read Misha domming Jensen into expressing these things in words... which is basically what I just watched, so perhaps the fic is redundant.

And Misha had better get him to talk about him and Jared too, cause omg, OMG, love.
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These are for [ profile] fantamae, as part of the [ profile] cakehole_club Cakeswap podfic exchange. It's *so* late, and [ profile] fantamae and the mods, [ profile] applegeuse and [ profile] fishpatrol, were so fantastic about it.
OMG, I'm done. It's been months, so many months, and I AM DONE!
(imperfections galore, but done!)

Title: Thought Your Coffee Table Was More Clever than That
Author: [ profile] queenklu
Reader: [ profile] citrusjava
Pairing: Jared/Jensen
Rating: Mature
Length: 16:56
Author's Summary: He woke up in the bathroom of a KFC once; this is practically a luxury.
Download or stream

Title: Rhymes with Niagara
Author: [ profile] sevenfists
Reader: [ profile] citrusjava
Pairing: Dean/Sam
Rating: NC-17
Length: 07:31
Summary: Dean gets hit by the Viagra Fairy at a rest stop in Illinois.
Download or stream

Title: Cheese
Author: Queenklu
Reader: CitrusJava
Pairing: Dean/Sam
Warning: mention of drug use
Rating: PG-13
Length: 03:18
Summary: Dean gets high
Download or stream

Title: Sparkles
Author: Queenklu
Reader: CitrusJava
Pairing: Jared/Jensen
Rating: PG
Length: 05:31
Summary: Unrequited love, the internet and a big talk in the Impala.
Download or stream

Title: Save You from the Dragons
Author: Queenklu
Reader: CitrusJava
Pairing: Dean/Sam
Warning: Head of a Pin spoilers, going through withdrawal
Rating: PG-13
Length: 04:16
Summary: As Sam goes through withdrawal, he gets talkative.
Download or stream

Title: Wear Him Like a Habit
Author: Sevenfists
Reader: CitrusJava
Pairing: Dean/Sam
Rating: R
Length: 15:10
Summary: He's hard in his jeans—Sam can see it, and he can see the hot flush rising up Dean's neck, but Dean's still stopping. Download or stream.
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Seems like most fic gives the Js the benefit of the doubt, and assumes they're just a bit more normative that they probably are. I mean - they have those sides, for sure, but not only. I suppose it has to do with wanting to make sure it's believable, and public image and that. Not that this is all that wild, but it's nice to sometimes be reminded they're not as clean cut and well behaved all the time.
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Title: Super-Size Me
Fandom: Supernatural RPF
Relationships: Jensen/Jared, Jensen/Jared/Misha
Rating: NC-17
Warnings/Kinks: Size kink, cock worship, come play. Silliness.
Disclaimer: As far as I know, this never happened. I fondly wish those involved well.
Notes: Thank you to [ profile] balder12 for her awesome beta and encouragement. You rock.
Written for the [ profile] j2_crack Enchantment Gone Wrong Comment-Meme
The hamster vid referred to is this one.
Prompt by [ profile] sweetspicyhot: Established J2 relationship, can be AU or not. Jensen gets greedy and casts a spell to make a certain part of Jared's anatomy even bigger. The spell backfires and suddenly all of Jared is exponentially bigger--giant sized. The spell will right itself in 48 hours. But Jared is horny and Jensen must find a way to get him off. Definitely NC-17 on this one, will Jensen need help?, an additional cast member or friend--it's up to you!

Summary: Jensen's spell did not go as planned. Now Jared keeps growing and growing, and something has to be done, fast!

The spell – as spells do – had gone wrong )
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If I'm going to read an AU, can I have Jared and Jensen as Suffragettes? :)
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There's this rare trope that I like: Someone's girlfriend meets that person's ex/lover, and rather than hating each other, like the stereotype of catty women demands, they bond. Cause for all their differences, they do have a lot in common. And cause they know his annoying traits, and can exchange notes. Stuff like that.

That is sometimes the way I feel when I read Destiel.

-Years of denial, and then he doesn't want to talk about it. For a guy who cries a lot, it's impossible to get him to talk about his feelings.
-I know And I didn't realize your boy was a virgin too, his first time with Dean.
-Yeah, perhaps he has a thing for that.
-Sure, he has a thing for most everything else...
-The Impala, guns, killing zombies, panties, smoking,
-threesomes with Lindsay Lohan, magic fingers, topping, bottoming,
-anything but cock.
-which he never liked before and will never like again, let it go, Jeez.
*both laugh and clink glasses*

Unrelated, cause gotta have something silly to bring the tone down: hm. Just realized the new baby's called JJ. J2. Slashers, rejoice.


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