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Title: Beautiful on the Inside
Pairing: Anna/Ruby
Rating: R
Words: about 1000
Warnings: Vessel sex, true form sex, unnegotiated kink, mild: blood play, unsafe kink, verbal humiliation, self harm, drug use, careless mention of past breach of body autonomy.... weird things.... Unbetaed

Note: This is for the beloved and wonderful [livejournal.com profile] balder12 - hope you like it, BB!

Summary : Ruby isn't naked, like Anna. She's wearing her meatsuit, the way Anna likes

Anna is milk and honey, plains and horizon. Ruby floats in her, hair silking, slipping, slithering around her, caressing her shoulders.
Ruby isn't naked, like Anna. She's wearing her meatsuit, the way Anna likes. It makes her feel gorgeous and and naughty dressing up for Anna, knowing how much Anna wants it. Angels and their fetishes, she knows. But Anna's so pure, it makes kinks interesting again.

Ruby walks around the rim of Anna, ground meeting to support the arch of her foot, hold the curve of her toe. Ruby picks up speed, and her steps echo in the land, or maybe the sounds are Anna's delight. The banks are pooling liquid, Ruby's prints filling, softening, and Ruby stumbles through it, Anna pleasantly slippery between her toes. She makes a quick sprint, smiling, and jumps, crash-slides across it, picking up speed, laughs slick and sweet and filthy. Lands on Anna's bank, covered in Anna, hair sticking to her grin, feet dipping in the lake.

"I'm just gonna lie here and make my fragile human form quiver" she informs. American English, authentic, almost the real deal. It makes Anna squirm. Ruby knows Anna is listening, but can't reply, if she doesn't want to break Ruby's vessel. Just has to stay quiet and gentle under Ruby. It makes Ruby squirm. Anna would stay quiet even if she didn't worry about the meatsuit's well being, would never want to break this. You need to be pretty dedicated to your kink for fetish tourism, and Anna's remade her life around it, just to live among humans.

"You can't get this body off, Anna" Ruby says. Sweet heavenly colonialist. Ruby likes this body for being soft, comfortable and hers alone, after hell. It is extremely useful, too.
Anna likes this body for being exotic.
"You're too foreign, you're not human, can't even communicate".

Ruby dips her arm up to the elbow in Anna. Non just Anna's juices, but Anna herself, sentient, as Ruby uses her to slick herself.

"You Can't get this body off" Ruby repeats, ignoring the way this body swells and thumps around her fingers. "But you could get me off". Anna must notice it as well, curved around every dip of her . They are fucking this vessel together, inside and out.

"You're so angelic, Anna. So you know what I've been doing - you know what I like. Everybody in heaven does". Ruby feels around for Anna's blade. No angel would be without one in these days of unrest, regardless of form. It meets her hand. "Did you ever watch me? Ever want to be back down on earth, to taste for yourself?" It's awkward to use a blade this long,but Ruby can deal with weapons. She uses Anna's blade to make a long, shallow cut across her arm. "Did you wonder how angels react to demon blood? What it could do for you?"

The ground quivers, pulls away, sways, Ruby cradled, cupped, held, but her arm untouched.

"Did you stay there alone, wondering whether it could dim th e glare of your grace a bit, the grace they shoved into you? Make you feel more yourself again?" Cuts another thin line, across the curve and dip of her belly. Presses her lips, open mouthed, to her arm, making a show of taking it in, soft, tasting it. She likes the flavor of her blood in this vessel. Adds, offhand - "Or maybe it'll just get you high". she smiles, but it doesn't come out the practiced seductive smile, just the shy dark one that always met her in the mirror unbidden, always too much her own .

She could just turn around and dip her arm into the lake, simple, have her way, done. Instead she slashes a long cut across her chest, slow, slow and deliberate. The world feels like it is leaning in to watch, mesmerized, motionless. The ground istelf holding its breath. Ruby reaches her nipple, blood gems rising on her skin, transparent.

A pause, then the world tilts, Ruby slides into the folds of Anna, blade safely removed, blood smearing, licked off in tingling burns, grace-cold, wild grin against Anna's curves sticking to her smile, warm, her entire world.... Anna's pool is blush, now, Ruby can't say whether it's her own blood mingling with the essence of Anna, or Anna's reaction to it. The water is building a rhythm to it, fast. Ruby's blood flow brings heartbeats.

The whole lake thumps around her. Her breasts shine in the pearly red, slippery, sensual, comical. Ruby experiments, moves an arm through the liquid, fragrant and weirdly heavy, and Anna ripples around her, shivering small waves in the rhythm. She wriggles, splashes and kicks. The lake gasps in surprise, maybe pleasure or pain. Ruby wants Anna to tear this disguise off her already .

Anna tosses her gently out to the water's surface, slick like before, and Ruby slides across it, wind in her face, drying her hair. Tries to imagine the multiple awarenesses of droplets flying, surrounded in crisp air, lake rippling hard, the feeling of Roby's blood seeping in, Anna soaking, covering and beating with Ruby's body, this vessel that Anna loves, what it must be like to sync heartbeats when neither of them really uses blood - not in that way .

Ruby breathes in wonder. Within the heartbeat, red darkening into it's depths, inviting, pumping, swirls a huge whirlpool. Ruby's mouth goes dry at its magnitude, the power running through it . She circles its rim with her momentum, not pulled it. Puts her fingers in the flow. It sucks her fingers with force, and she smiles, breathless. Likes the way people get, on her blood. "Yes" she says, for whatever angelic requirements she doesn't want to have to deal with. The speed of her glide increases, then she is in free air - over the middle of Anna.

She smiles, and dives.


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