Feb. 4th, 2016

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(all the people I have not replied to - sorry! These have not been the easies few days....)

I didn't particularly like Eileen - I didn't dislike her, and the actress seems cool - but beyond what the actress brought to the role, mostly all we got was "she's so badass".... I find that so - just - I would have appreciated more. The representation seems to have been good/appreciated, so yay on that, but come on, please, you're Robbie fuckin Thompson, please put more into this ep's characters....??

Mildred made me super uncomfortable - had there not been the thing abou Dean yes being interested, it would have read like nothing more than "old people are gross".... and even that was shaky, fetishized, and I felt was - like the people making this were not exactly sure whether it was a joke or for real ? I'm *sure* she was written to say the opposite, but for me it did not read that way .... and again, badass = very boring characterization, problematic to connect with etc.....

I never connected with Alex, I only connected with Clair on her first ep (mostly), nd I kinda try to like Jody, it's not that I dislike her, but again, I like the actress, could do with more characterization....

After the new ep is definitely would not want the Wayward Daughters theoretical spinoff....
I've watched the new ep a second time instead of sleeping to make sure - I didn't miss some awesome goodness, but it is just so badly written and just .... no....

Am I really the only person who feels this way?


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